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Thu, 23 Mar 2000 10:54:37 -0800 (PST)

Jason wrote:

Check it out pics of ALL of the new MSIA including the
Zeta and the Byg Zam!!

The MSiA BigZam is sure impressive at this size! I
guess it should be about 14-16 inches tall (my MSiA
Gundam stands at about 4 inches). My guess was right:
it has the Okawara original design instead of Katoki
redesign, but I'm not complaining. I want this monster
to fight with my MSiA Gundam! :)

As for other future MSiAs,

- RGM-79 GM: spots a MG design, plus it has both the
beam spray gun and a 90mm sub-machine gun as its

- RB-79 Ball: looks like, well, Ball. I hope its
cannon can rotate, and the manipulators have good
movements and won't pop out easily.

- Zeta Gundam: non-transformable, but it comes with
all the weapons, including the big Hyper Beam
Launcher. Yeah! Notice the display card (in Japanese)
right next to Zeta is MSiA of XXXG-01W Wing Gundam,
so GW's Gundams are slated for MSiA releases.

- unknown Zaku II: does anyone know which variant this
is? The original MS-06F/J green Zaku was among the
first MSiA releases, so what is this one? it doesn't
look like 0083's Zaku F2 'cos it doesn't have a puff
up chest; it's look more like 08's Zaku II to me, or
it's just a re-release of green Zaku II with new
painting scheme and a forehead antenna.

- RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam (MSV): yep, this is the
original MSiA Gundam with MSV colour scheme. In short,
a rip-off?

Last but not least, I love that 1/48 rc Zaku a lot :)


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