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donato zeno wrote:
> I think that there is a basic difference:Hitler's arian supremacy
> theory had no scientific corroboration and had been rejected from
> allies during WWII,

Actually, there were "scientific" proofs that Whites were superior to
Colors. I don't think the Allies had ever rejected "Aryan Supremacy",
they only opposed Hitler's "Final Solution".

> Daikun's theory on NewType (however it isn't the
> same thing of Ghiren supremacy by Spacenoids theory) has such pratical
> confirmation that Federal army 'll form Titans also if with an
> opposite goal.

Concrete proof of NT didn't appear in the forms of Lalah and Shalia until
the third quarter of 0079, long after Daikun's death and Side 3
Independence. So the whole OYW was started on Daikun's speculation* and a
bunch of lies spread by Degin and Giren.

It's safe to assume that the Zabis also conducted a lot of "scientific
research" that proved that Spacenoids are superior to Earthlings.

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