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> ... Zeta, ZZ, 0083, Victory, G, W, X all have
> 2 Openning songs. The trend I notice is this: the
> second song is always just as good, if not outright
> better than the first song.

That's not always the case. Of course, it's a matter
of personal taste. For me, "Don't Stop Carry On" (V's
2nd OP) and "Resolution" (X's 2nd OP) are pale
comparing to the 1st OPs of the respective series,
"Stand Up to the Victory" and "Dreams".

> FYI, the first OP for ZZ Gundam "It ain't Anime" is
> got to be one of the worst OP for Gundam (running >
just behind both Victory songs).

To me, ZZ's "This is Not Anime" is a rowdy but
enjoyable song, and "Stand Up the Victory" fits V
Gundam TV series pretty well.

While we are on the subject, some of Gundam EDs
actually outshrine the OPs. E.g., "Once Again
Tenderness" (V Gundam's 2nd ED) by Kix-S has that song
stamp of personality in which RD's "Don't Stop Carry
On" sorely lacks.

> both "The Winner" and "Men of Destiny" are amounst
> the best of Gundam songs.

"The Winner" is a bit too over the top, but I like
"Men of Destiny" mostly beacuse of Mio's strong vocal

> By now, I'm sort of sick of "Just Communication" and
> like the second W song "Rhythem Emotion" better.

Endless Waltz's "Last Impression" should have been THE
theme song for Gundam Wing TV series. It epitomizes
what a class anime OP is suppose to be. I found most
of Two Mix's GW themes too repetitive.

Again, it's all personal taste :)


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