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After I finish watching Mobile Fighter G Gundam, I will like to discuss
another trend in the Gundam shows. I have seen Gundam Movies 1-3, Zeta, ZZ,
CCA, 0080, 0083, F91, Victory, G, W, X, 08th MS Team. (I haven't seen the
original 43 episodes TV series, so I'll leave them out of this discussion).
Of which, Zeta, ZZ, 0083, Victory, G, W, X all have 2 Openning songs. The
trend I notice is this: the second song is always just as good, if not
outright better than the first song.

Now, I would admit that one of the reason I may be feeling this way is that
by the time the second songs came around, I'd be sick of the first song.
But for me, some of series contains much better second song than the first.
FYI, the first OP for ZZ Gundam "It ain't Anime" is got to be one of the
worst OP for Gundam (running just behind both Victory songs). But the
second song, is much much better. Similiarly, I sort of hate the first OP
for G Gundam "Flying in the Sky", but the second song "Trust You Forever"
sort of caught me by surprise. As for the other shows with multiple OP,
both "The Winner" and "Men of Destiny" are amounst the best of Gundam songs.
By now, I'm sort of sick of "Just Communication" and like the second W song
"Rhythem Emotion" better. Of Gundam X songs, I like both "Dreams" and

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