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> is Gundam Wing using the original Japanese intro or a made-for-US-tv intro?
> I hope it's the original Jap intro because I think it's the best intro song
> of a Gundam series (in fact, I think it's the best of any anime series).
> I'm of course refering to "Rhythm Emotion" which is used in the last 7 or
> episodes. but "Just Communitcation" in the first 30+ episodes is also a
> nice, catchy song

I've got some bad news, I am pretty sure the US ending song is from Japan,
since it is Just Communitcation, but there is no opening par say for Wing on
CN, they cut out the Japanese opening and ending animations. And the Japanese
ending song. These should be intact in the American VHS and DVD releases of
Wing, though. The Japanese opening song is "Just Communitcation" with vocals.


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