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> > i don't think zechs built the wing zero did he? Didn't
> Quatre? I think
> > epyon was made from wing gundam ,but, i could be wrong, doesn't really
> > matter though.
> nope. the Wing Gundam was never used to create any other mecha.
> Epyon was
> created by the 5 scientists during their Oz captivity. of course, I could
> be wrong on this one but this is the assumption I follow.

Epyon was commissioned by Treize during his house arrest in Luxemburg, and
probably build by some Oz engineers who are still loyal to him. It is
created according to his philosophy about what war should be. As such, it
features no range weapons, only a very large beam sword and a lethal heat
rod. As for how he managed to build it while under a house arrest? Hey,
even under house arrest, he is still quite influential. Though the anime
never explain how he got a hold of the ZERO system.

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