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> No, the Wing Zero was built before the original 5 Gundams were built.
> The Zero System was deemed too dangerous to its pilot, so they got rid
> of it built ZS-less Gundams instead.

actually they never got to building the Wing Zero, only the design and
blueprints. Quattre found those and got to building the Zero

> He merely found it and became the first one to pilot it. The suits in
> Wing are not as closely associated with their pilots, as you will see
> that some of characters swap Gundams in the later half of the show.

actually, 3 of the 5 Gundam pilots are attached to their mobile suits.
remember at the base in Singapore where Quattre blew up the Sandrock, he was
talking to it. same thing with Duo, he said he doesn't believe in God but
only believes in the god of death and he calls the Deathscythe, Shinigami
(god of death). Wufei thinks that his wife's spirit lives within the
Shenlong Gundam (yes, Wufei is a widower at the age of 14. he is Chinese
and in Traditional Chinese culture marriages are fixed from birth, that is
why he is married so young. although I can't remember if there is a proof
that he is 'officially' married, being fixed for marriage wouldn't change
the fact that the girl that was killed will be or is his wife)

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