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> So he rebuilt the Wing, then? Because Zechs has what's left of the Wing
> he made a comment about building something.


okay, here's what happened......

Heero came to earth in Operation Meteor. on his re-entry he fought with
Zechs and with a bazooka mounted on a Leo, Zechs hit the Wing's wing and it
crashed to the ocean. Heero rebuilt the Wing from stolen parts from Duo's
Deathscythe. in an operation in Russia I think, Heero blew up the Zero
because they were severely outnumbered by Oz and were fighting a losing
battle. this gave the other Gundams a chance to escape and fight another
day. Zechs rebuilt the Wing so he can duel with Heero, so he brought Heero
to Antarctica and gave him the Wing. Heero declined to use the Wing since
he doubted that it may not be tuned to maximum performance, instead he
traded MS with Trowa and used the Heavy Arms. Oz came and interupted their

fast forward, Relena has reclaimed Sanc Kingdom but Oz was taking over the
world. Heero rushed into battle with the Wing but was overpowered by sheer
numbers of Leo, Aries, and Virgo. the Wing was finally defeated but the
Traize Faction of the Oz (by this time Oz has finally split up) protected
Heero with their lives upon orders from Traize. Traize then called Heero to
his palace atop the hill beside the military base where all the fighting has
been going on and here Traize gave Heero the Epyon (proof that the Epyon was
not built from the Wing. at this time the 5 scientists are under Oz
captivity and built the Mercurius, Vayate, Virgo I, Virgo II, and also under
secrecy, modified the Shenlong and Deathscythe to Altron and D-Hell, so go
figure who made the Epyon)

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