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> I have only seen the first 20 episodes of Wing, but did not notice this

> detail until today. Zechs built the Wing Zero, right? Other then the
> of Wing, was any other MS used in the Wing Zero's creation?
> Aaron

*spoiler alert*

nope, Quattre built the Wing Zero. they didn't use the scraps of the
original Wing as you will see in the last 5 episodes that the original Wing
is still there.

okay, here's what happened.......

when the plans for Operation Meteor were being drawn up, the 5 scientists
created the blueprints for the Wing Zero. unfortunately the plan for
Operation Meteor leaked and a crackdown started. the 5 scientists split up
and each one created their own Gundam. they created the design for the Wing
Zero in Quattre's colony. they hid the blueprints there and it was
eventually found by Quattre after blowing the Sandrock up and escaping to
space back to his colony.

in Gundam Wing, the Gundams were exclusive technology to the 5 scientists
and no one else can make one unless they have blueprints to follow. others
can also make repairs but the pilots themselves are trained to do this.

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