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> They only ship via UPS for US customers, they're based in Japan. You may
> be able to get a rough estimate using the Quick Calculator at the UPS
> website, but without knowing the exact shipping box dimensions makes this
> difficult to guestimate.
> If you want to order magazines or small (i.e. 1/144 or SD) kits, the
> shipping often comes out costing more than the item ordered. With the
> current exchange rate of the Yen, it may not be a good deal.

the trick with HLJ is bulk order. don't just order one item especially if
it's a magazine or 1/144 just like what was mentioned. try to get a few
friends whom you really trust and get all the stuff you want in one order.
"really trust" because you'll use only one credit card so you can expect
them to pay =)

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