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> like both of them as MSiA, too. Wonder when will
> Bandai release the 08MS Team's MS as MSiAs (08's
> ground GMs amd Gundams come to my mind...)

Didn't think of 08MS Team's MS before, they would also be nice MSiA. Hope the
Gundam's in these new MSiA's have shoulders that stay on. Its no big deal,
but I do get a little annoyed when the arms pop with when I am trying to make
the RX-78 make a pose with its shield. The Turn A's arms don't do this, so it
must just be the Dom and the RX-78. The Gouf and Zaku II are fine, too. I
haven't heard of any problems with Gog and have heard the Guncannon's
shoulders are fine, too. This problem can be correct easily, in future
figurs. It seems the newer MSiA have all the kinks worked out of them.


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