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> Gundam HG Web reports that the following MSiAs were
> announced at the Tokyo Toy Show
> - largescale BigZam

Yes, Yes, Y-E-S! Big Zam is one of my favorites, and
if it's in large scale (say at least double the height
of normal MSiAs, e.g. 8 inches or taller) then that's
even better. I hope it'll be the Katoki redesign, but
judging from previous MSiA Gouf and Dom, the new MSiA
BigZam will most likely be the oldschool Okawara

> - GM
> - Ball

I like both of them as MSiA, too. Wonder when will
Bandai release the 08MS Team's MS as MSiAs (08's
ground GMs amd Gundams come to my mind...)

> - Z Gundam series MS

That mean we'll have Gundam mkII, Zeta, and Type 100
(Yay!), as well as Hizack, and Marasai with that ugly
beam rifle (ugh :). Wonder if Bandai willing to put
more vinyl to release big MS such as Masala, Palace
Athene, and The O...

> - Gundam Wing series MS (Which means those US
release > action figures are MSiAs)

Nice! Hope they'll release the Endless Waltz MS, too.



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