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It's been quite a while Since I watched all of Wing. I'm mostly waiting for
the DVD's so
I can watch it as it was meant to be seen.
Since my memory was foggy, I went and checked Gundam Project.
Spoiler Space for those who haven't seen it...

Zechs rebuilds the Gundam Wing for Heero out of a sense of respect/honor. He
the remenants from when Heero self destructed.
Later, after the gundam boys return to space, Quatre goes to his family's
and digs up the plans to a Gundam that had never been built before - Wing
The Wing Zero was compeltely scratch built.
As a result, Quatre becomes the first pilot of the Zero, not Heero.

Nicholas Paufler
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> In a message dated 3/22/00 10:32:03 PM Eastern Standard Time,
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> > i don't think zechs built the wing zero did he? Didn't Quatre? I think
> > epyon was made from wing gundam ,but, i could be wrong, doesn't really
> > matter though.
> So he rebuilt the Wing, then? Because Zechs has what's left of the Wing
> he made a comment about building something.
> Aaron
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