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> I think the G-Saviour is butt ugly, no offense but the proportions are way
> off. you can have a story like Evangelion of 0083 or any series and the
> mecha would still be ugly. look at the big front skirts then the thin
> really out of proportion. and the back looks like the heat sink of a
> Pentium III processor.

Its back unit is very similar to the F 91's back unit. It looks like its
designed for space use only, as it looks like it would be fragile in the
atomsphere. To me, the G-Saviour looks like its a logical design for space
use. Its arms are too thin due to they are the inside of the arms which are
not covered up by armor, IMO.

> the Turn-A actually is a good design, just different. most people hate it
> because it's not the Gundam design they are acustomed to. if you ask me,
> just take out the mustache and it would actually be a great design.
> sometimes I wish that the hero of the show should have been the Turn-X coz
> think it looks much cooler and much meaner. I do plan to buy a Turn-A kit
> in the near future, after I have acquired most if not all of the older
> kits I want (I don't think I'll run out of Turn-A kits for the next year or
> so). also, i wish Bandai would come out with a 1/100 Turn-X.

I feel the same way about the Turn A. If it had a V fin, it would be very
much like other Gundams. Sense I have the 1/144th and 1/100 Turn A's, I may
cut off the 1/144's mustache and make a v fin out of scaply, paint it yellow
and glue it to the forehead, just to see how it looks, though I will try to
make it look like its a natural part of the face. I am holding off on getting
the Turn X, because I am also hoping for a 1/00th Turn X.


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