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> That was the same approach used for the Turn-A Gundam. It sucks, Mead
> kill himself, etc. Then some of the naysayers get a load of it on TV and
> start talking about how it's not so bad, how it grew on them, how the
Sumo is
> really cool and on and on. Some still hate it, yes, but the kneejerk
> ended up looking pretty foolish.

my two cents on this one

I think the G-Saviour is butt ugly, no offense but the proportions are way
off. you can have a story like Evangelion of 0083 or any series and the
mecha would still be ugly. look at the big front skirts then the thin arms,
really out of proportion. and the back looks like the heat sink of a
Pentium III processor.

the Turn-A actually is a good design, just different. most people hate it
because it's not the Gundam design they are acustomed to. if you ask me,
just take out the mustache and it would actually be a great design.
sometimes I wish that the hero of the show should have been the Turn-X coz I
think it looks much cooler and much meaner. I do plan to buy a Turn-A kit
in the near future, after I have acquired most if not all of the older model
kits I want (I don't think I'll run out of Turn-A kits for the next year or
so). also, i wish Bandai would come out with a 1/100 Turn-X.

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