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> We are debating the G-Saviour in the picture with our current knowledge, not
> how it looks in the show. There are no clear pictures of the G-Saviour on the
> Web that I know of. There fore, until someone finds a picture or screen shots
> of the G-Saviour in the movie, in action, this is all we have to go by.
> Aaron

That was the same approach used for the Turn-A Gundam. It sucks, Mead should
kill himself, etc. Then some of the naysayers get a load of it on TV and they
start talking about how it's not so bad, how it grew on them, how the Sumo is
really cool and on and on. Some still hate it, yes, but the kneejerk types
ended up looking pretty foolish.


"That... was a mistake."
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