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> I was just wondering, what does it cost to get something from Hobbylink
> Japan, I can't find shipping on their site, is it overseas? or is it
> in the US? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

try this link:

it's the shipping page of HLJ. they have a nice web site but a lot is
desired for their order system. they don't give you actuall shipping costs
until everything is ready to ship, but the link I posted will give you an
idea more or less how much an item would cost. a Gundam Wing 1/100 kit and
MG kits with similar sizes, like the RX-78, Alex, and Zeta, would cost
around 880 Yen for shipping. bigger and heavier boxes would cost more
depending on size and weight while 1/144s would probably cost around 440 Yen
(I don't know about kits from Char's Counterattack which are huge for
1/144s). items like PG Gundams would really cost a lot because of the size
of the package and not just on the weight because it is considered

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