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Look closer at White Base Live, it's not illustrated by Yas but by Haruhiko
Mikomoto of Macross fame, before he turned pro. You can see he did a good
job of emulating Yas but his own style (especially with the female
characters, natch, is beginning to show).

The Type 68 missile was illustrated by Shoji Kawamori, "father" of the VF-1
Valkyrie. Kawamori had numerous mecha illustrations throughout the book.
Check the credits at the end of the book.

This book is a classic because it really showed the influence Gundam had on
these budding creators. It's the missing link between Gundam and Macross.

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This just in:

Gundam Century Renewal Version (2000.3.15, Sunrise, ISBN4-87777-028-3) 176
pages (88 color) for 4,000.

White-Base Live is a Tomino story illustrated in full color by Yas. Here
we get to see the intriguing Type 68 Scout Missile (think cruise missile),
the chef of the White Base, Bright Noah in spectacles (Marker's, I believe)
and the entire female crew complement in the nude (on whom Marker had been

The Gundam Science section features just about every illustration from High
Frontier that I've ever seen, including ones that I've used myself. Also
featured are articles on Directed Energy Weapons and Remote Manipulators.

There are errors and inventions, but all in all this is a worthy reference
and, like MS Era, a must-have for any Gundam book collector.


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