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> At 16:33 3/22/2000, you wrote:
> >> Gundam Mechanics had a surprise for me on page 51. In addition to the
> >> expected Fly Manta, Medea, Core Booster, Big Tray, Magella Attack, Yukon
> >> and Mad Angler, there's also a Federation fighter called the Fly Arrow
> >> (Aero?)! Page 53 sports a cross-section of Luna II.
> >
> >Could it be the same fighter as the one on page 105 of Gundam Episode
> Guide 1
> >? (The unidentified Federation fighter crash landed on Kukulus Doan's island
> >and was stripped of all weaponry)
> Someone else will have to compare the two; my Gundam Episode Guides are
> packed up and will remain so for some time.

I will describe it for you then...

It looks like a fat delta wing F16 but with three engines side-by-side in the
middle, two winglets near the nose cone, two tail fins on either side of the
engines, which is also connected by an elevator winglet, two fins which extends
upwards at an angle from the main wingtips.

The nose/cockpit area of this aircraft definitely resembles a F16.


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