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>> Perhaps because Gundam was conceived during the Energy Crisis and based on
>> the O'Neill "High Frontier" concept, which was itself a promotion of
>> alternative (principally solar) energy, but I don't recall any mention of
>> any fuel other than helium-3.
>Okay, but as Paul recently pointed out to me, what about that fuel refinery
>that's fought around in the first episode of 0080?

I don't recall this and, since my 0080 tapes and Gundam The OAV Movies
books are still packed up (and likely to remain so for some time), I have
no way to check it.

That being said, what specifically identifies this facility as a fuel
refinery? Are there signs that say what it is and what it's refining? Or
does it simply look like (presumably because it was modeled on) a fuel

I suspect that this facility is there in support of the Ginga STS, but
again I have no way to check at this time.


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