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This just in:

Gundam Century Renewal Version (2000.3.15, Sunrise, ISBN4-87777-028-3) 176
pages (88 color) for 4,000.

Reprinting the classic fanzine, originally published 1981.9.22, in a
gold-lettered silver foil wraparound cover, this book would be worth it
just for the illustrations. The text will be the subject of a lot of
discussion as it becomes available in translation (hint! hint!) but there's
a lot of detailed graphics and visual information that anyone can scan.

The book's divided into a 22-page Graphic Zeon War Record, 24 pages of
Gundam Mechanics, a 25-page illustrated "White-Base Live" story, 40 pages
of staff essays, 10 pages of color Gundam illustrations, 32 pages of Gundam
Science and the 22-page Discussion of Gundam.

The Graphic Zeon War Record has a number of interesting graphics right off
the bat. First up is a size comparison of a space colony, showing a
cylinder standing on its end side-by-side with Mount Everest. Oddly, the
scale to the left indicates a cylinder 40 km long, not the 32 km standard
per O'Neill. This is, however, in keeping with Tomino's novelizations,
which cited 45 km colony cylinders. Turning the page, we see the
trajectory of the Operation British colony drop, from Side 2 in L4 past
Side 3 at L2 (mislabelled L3) and Side 5 at L1 (mislabelled L2) as it arcs
around the Moon and spiralling in from west to east until it strikes the
Earth. The next page has a double-page spread of the colony drop, showing
the trajectory, the destruction radii and so on. Oddly, the original
trajectory indicates intended target Jaburo as being somewhere up in
Venezuela, not in the Amazon Basin. Bad geography or bad drawing? The
force is given here at 60,000 megatons. One-third of the colony struck
Sydney and parts of Australia along the NW to SE trajectory; one-quarter
rained down over three distinct areas of North America.

Gundam Mechanics had a surprise for me on page 51. In addition to the
expected Fly Manta, Medea, Core Booster, Big Tray, Magella Attack, Yukon
and Mad Angler, there's also a Federation fighter called the Fly Arrow
(Aero?)! Page 53 sports a cross-section of Luna II.

White-Base Live is a Tomino story illustrated in full color by Yas. Here
we get to see the intriguing Type 68 Scout Missile (think cruise missile),
the chef of the White Base, Bright Noah in spectacles (Marker's, I believe)
and the entire female crew complement in the nude (on whom Marker had been

The Gundam Science section features just about every illustration from High
Frontier that I've ever seen, including ones that I've used myself. Also
featured are articles on Directed Energy Weapons and Remote Manipulators.

There are errors and inventions, but all in all this is a worthy reference
and, like MS Era, a must-have for any Gundam book collector.


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