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> I have to disagree with you here. While it does look like a McFarlane
> the proportions do seem to fit it.

 The proportions are excatly why I don't like it. I am glad some likes this
VG Gundam. Other then needing its arms bulked up a bit, I like the G-Savior.
I hope every new future Gundam show tries to make a new Gundam that looks
different. While I like most of the other Gundams, they where starting to all
look very similar.

The G-Savior looks genuinely stupid IMHO.
> The main torso looks out of place. I could deal with the head, arms, and
> legs, if they at least fit in with the body. Basically the G-Savior looks
> like it really is out of place. The design isn't congruent. The Turn A,
> though some may hate it fits together. The Turn X, and that VG GUndam as
> well. But the G Savior looks like someone through a bunch of kits in a
> blender and grabbed the first parts they could find to put a "Gundam" back
> together with. I like the Turn A, and the VG, but the G-Savior is
> Unredeemable!!!

The VG Gundam looks like a mutation, its proportions are too jarring, they
are off. It looks deformed and freakish.


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