Wed, 22 Mar 2000 18:06:19 EST

>>>>Ugh, I hate it, its the most ugliest Gundam I have ever seen. Frankenstein
Gundam is what it is! I like the G-Saviour. This VG Gundam looks like
something from Todd McFarlane, if he did a Gundam toy line. Sorry, I just
cannot like this and I don't see how its better then the G-Saviour.<<<<<

I have to disagree with you here. While it does look like a McFarlane ripoff, the proportions do seem to fit it. The G-Savior looks genuinely stupid IMHO. The main torso looks out of place. I could deal with the head, arms, and legs, if they at least fit in with the body. Basically the G-Savior looks like it really is out of place. The design isn't congruent. The Turn A, though some may hate it fits together. The Turn X, and that VG GUndam as well. But the G Savior looks like someone through a bunch of kits in a blender and grabbed the first parts they could find to put a "Gundam" back together with. I like the Turn A, and the VG, but the G-Savior is Unredeemable!!!


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