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> > Rodrick Su wrote:
> > > Prior to that, it was just another advance weapons research lab
> > operated by
> > > the Federation.
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> > Mark sayz:
> > UC 0079.08 - The Federal Forces begin final testing of the Gundam at Side
> > 7. Development of the NT-1 begins at the Augusta base.
> >
> > That's before the completion of RX-78. If they were making an "advance
> > weapons" variant of RX-78, why call it NT-1?
> >
> They probably got the name NT-1 after field testing of RX78-2 came back, and
> they realized the current shortcoming of it.

I agree with Rodrick. It's my understanding that the NT-1 was specially made for
Amuro. So I doubt they started making a special Gundam for a newtype pilot
before there was one or a real need for one. i.e Amuro being too fast for the
RX-78 didn't really become a problem until many months later. Magnet-coating was
a quick-fix at the time but I wouldn't expect the Federation to be building a
newtype MS before the RX-78's defficiencies were reported. Ofcourse it is
possible that they started working on an improved version of Gundam at the given
date and newtype(Amuro) customization and the name was added later in

> > I had a feeling that Dr. Flanagan's Newtype reasearch was already well
> > underway even prior to OYW. Remember the cloning project that rears it's
> OK, I can buy that. When was the first NT (Lalah? Chalia?) confirmed as
> an NT?

Sticking only to the original series. Braubro first appeared in ep33. Lalah in
ep 34. Elmeth in ep 36.Shalia Bull in ep 39.

Shalia only just returned from Jupiter in ep 39 and also he was under Giren's
command so it's unlikely he had anything to do with NT testing and such before
he was ordered by Giren. Even though Giren outwardly didn't have any faith in
newtypes he obviously knew/suspected that Shalia was one.

The Braubro was built and were undergoing testing before Lalah first appeared.
I guess it is possible that it was built to be used by Lalah but the Elmeth
(which definitely was specially built for Lalah) appeared only a short time
later so it could mean that the Braubro was built before Flanagan knew Lalah.
Which suggests that there was someone else. But the fact that the Braubro wasn't
deployed until Shalia Bull came onto the scene indicates to me that there was
nobody else suitable. It's possible that the Braubro testing took a long long
time, well after the Elmeth was ready to go, and by that time Shalia came, and
he was more qualified for combat so pulled rank over the unknown pilot-to-be

Char being a newtype was only a rumour among the Zeons so I don't think he
himself was tested by Flanagan and yet he was the one who discovered Lalah and
probably introduced her to Flanagan. Also the fact that the Zeong wasn't
specially built for Char suggest that there are other NT pilots-in-training?
elsewhere and that he wasn't officially part of Zeon's NT research.

So Lalah gets the nod ahead of Shalia but evidence suggests there was possibly
someone before Lalah.

I think you can probably find a few more Zeon newtypes before Lalah in other


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