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>Conversely, from reading alt.fan.macross the opposite is true for Valkyrie
>collectors. A particularly well off fan might have a dozen Takotoku/Bandai
>Valkyries, a couple of Korean knockoffs, and a bunch of model kits. Because
>of the very high price ($1000-1500 for a strike valkyrie? No thanks), and
>less variety, collectors don't have as many.

You can find Strike Valkyries in the $500-$700 range on eBay, these appear
almost once a week, although people do go crazy bidding on them. The only
reason they command such a high price is because of Robotech fans, who
outnumber Macross fans, besides the usual factors such as unavailability of

>I'm wondering where Gundam fits in all of this. With more than 20 years of
>Gundam, there is a bigger repository of designs than Transformers, and a
>great variety of toys, model kits, HCM, etc, variety isn't a limiting
>factor. Furthermore, prices aren't ridiculous either (compared to the other
>2 examples).

You should see how much they charge for garage kits at the *retail* level.

>So what would you consider to be the "Average" size of a
>Gundam collection?

There's really no "average" - like you said, variety is not a limiting factor.
While some may collect toys because they'd rather not mess with building
models, there are those who collect nothing but garage kits. There are
simply too many areas to specialize in: SD Gundams, DX toys, books, CDs,
games, GKs, plamos, shitajiki, etc.

I started by collecting "regular" Gundam plamo. Once I've got my hands on
every kit still in release and a few out-of-print ones, I went on to SD
Gundams, CDs, LDs, books, HCMs, diecast and DX toys, games, gashapon figures,
cels, but Bandai never stops pumping out Gundam stuff! Macross and
Transformer collectors got it easy... because eventually they will get


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