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Hi everyone,

    After waiting for a month, Gundam fans in Hong
Kong are treated with a MSiA double whammer: the
limited edition MSiA "tetsu Toys" - Gundam, Zaku II,
and Char's Zaku - finally appear on Hong Kong's model
and toy stores today. Each prices at 2,000 yen and the
selling price in HK is HK$100.00 each (about
US$12.85); Also, the three versions of MSiA MS-06R
Zaku High Mobility Types hit the HK market today as
well, each prices at 1,000 yen and are the selling
price in HK is HK$50.00 (about US$6.43). First, the
tetsu Toys:

    Each "tetsu Toy" spots a lavish packaging. They
are not just a straight re-issue of MSiA Gundam, Zaku
II, and Char's Zaku. In fact, they were painstakingly
reproduced with new paint job, better application of
panel lines, each MS with a custom vinyl platform and
a custom-made and colourful "tetsu" logo matallic pin.
Compare to the original MSiA releases, all tetsu MS
were painted in matt colouring to make the MS figure
look more realistic. The next selling point is of
course the custom decal arts applied on each MS
designed by tetsu from Japanese rock band
L'Arc~en~Ciel. Both the decals and finishing are
excellent (otherwise Bandai can't sell them at Japan's
HMV record stores at 2,000yen).

As for the tetsu's MS weapons, they are the same as
the original release with some addition and
subtraction. For Gundam, it comes with a decal-ed
shield, a beam rifle, 2 x beam sabres, 1 open left
hand and 2 open right hands for grabbing the weapons.
(the hyper bazooka and beam javelin are omitted in
this release);
for Zaku II and Char's Zaku, each has a Zaku machine
gun, a Zaku bazooka, a Magella Top cannon, and a
colour matching heat hawk (green for Zak II, red for
Char's Zaku; both has orange blade instead of
original's yellow). Like the MS themselves, the
weapons are all coloured in matt grey instead of
original release's shinny grey. An indication of
attention and good details for an expensive releases.

     For MSiA's MS-06R Zaku, it is released in three
different variants: the white colour MS-06R-1 is for
Shin Matsunaga (a.k.a. 'The White Wolf of Solomon' in
MSV); the purple and black MS-06R-1A is for the Black
Trinary/Black Tri Star (i.e., the trio of Dom pilots
in 0079 animations); the red and black MS-06R-2 is for
Johnny Ridden (a.k.a. 'Crimson Lightning' in MSV);
design-wise, they closely follow the original MSV
design, such as R-2's huge leg thrusters and different
backpack for R-1/R-1A and R-2. Beside different
colouring, the most subtle difference between R-1 and
R-1A is the right shoulder: R-1A has 2 rectangles, but
R-1 has 2 sets of ventilation exhausts. Also each
Zaku's right shoulder shield has unique decals - white
wolf logo for R-1, Black Trinary logo for R-1A, and
number '402' (Ridden's MS serial number in MSV) for

Weapon wise, these Zakus are equipped with the
standard Zaku weapons such as Zaku machine gun and
heat hawk. Bazooka-wise, R-1 comes with a Zaku bazooka
while R-1A and R-2 come with Dom's giant bazooka. Note
that all the weapons (except heat hawks) are painted
in black instead of shinny grey in previous MSiA Zaku
and Dom releases.

    What's my verdict? for tetsu Toys, it's a lot
better than what I've expected. They are excellent
re-issues of the originals with lots of details plus
smart and trendy packaging. Definitely got my money's
worth. If you already own the original MSiA Gundam and
the two Zakus, you may want to compare them directly
with the tetsu releases before you buy, but I still
say you should go for it if the import price in North
America and elsewhere are reasonable. For the MSiA
R-type Zakus, it's a bit over the top with 3 variants,
but each are beefy, has detailed finishing and of
course pretty good poseability. If you like MSiAs, I
recommend you should buy at least one of the R-Type
Zakus (choose you favorite ace pilots or colours :) If
you have a few more bucks to spend, why not go for all
three instead. Both the tetsu Toys and R-Type Zakus
are highly recommended.


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