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Nicholas Paufler wrote:
> I'm wondering where Gundam fits in all of this. With more than 20 years of
> Gundam, there is a bigger repository of designs than Transformers, and a
> great variety of toys, model kits, HCM, etc, variety isn't a limiting
> factor. Furthermore, prices aren't ridiculous either (compared to the other
> 2 examples). So what would you consider to be the "Average" size of a
> Gundam collection?

There have been at least 426 injection kits released so far and counting.
That's not counting toys, action figures, garage kits, HCM and Super
Deformed and BB Sensi.

Average price of these 400+ kits are about 1265 Yens (median 800 Yens).
Most (but not all) of these kits are still available somewhere in the
world at their original price (or import price). (A complete collection
costs only 526k Yens)

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modelling International reported a few months ago that
Bandai had sold 390 million Gundam kits so far, assuming Japan (pop. 126
million) was the biggest consumer, that works out to 2 kits per
collection ON AVERAGE. :P

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