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I've got a collection of about 160 kits - economically speaking over a
course of 5 years.

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> I'm a bit curious.
> I was a Transformers fan before I was a Macross fan, and a Macross fan
> before I was a Gundam fan, although in the grand scheme of things, Gundam
> probably my favorite. As a result, I've got ~50 Transformers on my shelf,
> which isn't bad, but nothing great compared to most collectors. Most
> collectors have anywhere from 200 to 500.
> Conversely, from reading the opposite is true for Valkyrie
> collectors. A particularly well off fan might have a dozen Takotoku/Bandai
> Valkyries, a couple of Korean knockoffs, and a bunch of model kits.
> of the very high price ($1000-1500 for a strike valkyrie? No thanks), and
> less variety, collectors don't have as many.
> I'm wondering where Gundam fits in all of this. With more than 20 years of
> Gundam, there is a bigger repository of designs than Transformers, and a
> great variety of toys, model kits, HCM, etc, variety isn't a limiting
> factor. Furthermore, prices aren't ridiculous either (compared to the
> 2 examples). So what would you consider to be the "Average" size of a
> Gundam collection?
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