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I'm a bit curious.
I was a Transformers fan before I was a Macross fan, and a Macross fan
before I was a Gundam fan, although in the grand scheme of things, Gundam is
probably my favorite. As a result, I've got ~50 Transformers on my shelf,
which isn't bad, but nothing great compared to most collectors. Most serious
collectors have anywhere from 200 to 500.
Conversely, from reading the opposite is true for Valkyrie
collectors. A particularly well off fan might have a dozen Takotoku/Bandai
Valkyries, a couple of Korean knockoffs, and a bunch of model kits. Because
of the very high price ($1000-1500 for a strike valkyrie? No thanks), and
less variety, collectors don't have as many.
I'm wondering where Gundam fits in all of this. With more than 20 years of
Gundam, there is a bigger repository of designs than Transformers, and a
great variety of toys, model kits, HCM, etc, variety isn't a limiting
factor. Furthermore, prices aren't ridiculous either (compared to the other
2 examples). So what would you consider to be the "Average" size of a
Gundam collection?

Nicholas Paufler
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