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Mark Simmons wrote:
> It would seem like a risky gambit, to say the least. But even Luna Two
> is pretty lightly defended in the TV series...

Sloppily defended for sure. But Char, Doren and Wakkein were all
chattering how crazy it would be to attack Luna 2 with a single warship.
So Char infiltrated it with just a few brave men against which Luna 2
wasn't design to defend. A little like Deathstar, no? :)

> But then again, why should he care? Most Federation officers are
> old-school "big ships with big guns" types. And given Wakkein's low

They wouldn't put a "big ship big gun" guy in charge of a MS development
base right?

> status (even White Base Captain Paolo can pull rank on him), he's

Captain of a big ship should be able to pull rank on a lot of base
commanders right? Can the captain of USS Iowa order, let's say, the base
commander at San Francisco to fetch coffee?

> lion's share of GMs were made at Jaburo. (The Ball, on the other hand,
> was presumably made at Luna Two - why would they have hundreds of spare
> space pods on Earth?)

Yeah. Space Balls, for sure.

In the TV, there was a brief intro segment that described the trajectory
of the main force from Jaburo to Solomon. Was there any indication of a
refueling stop or a Balls pickup at Luna 2?

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