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Test writes,

>It seems amazing that the Zeons took years to develop MS to the point of Zaku
>II, and Tem Ray managed to build a better MS from scratch in three months.

  I dunno about that - the RX project began a year earlier, based on
rumors about Zeon's new weapons, and the model numbers of the Guntank and
Guncannon suggest that they were conceived of even earlier. It's just
that the Federation didn't get _serious_ about mobile suit development
until the launch of Operation V, in April of UC 0079. Some recent books,
like the 08th MS Team Data Collection, discuss the issue of pre-Operation
V mobile suit development at considerable length.

  I'd also be cautious about giving too much credit to Tem Ray,
considering that the Federation seems to get along just fine without him.
I can't see any evidence indicating that he was the sole, or even the
primary, creator of the Gundam. More likely the RX project was like the
Manhattan Project - a crash program that harnessed the abilities of a lot
of very clever people.

  (Among them, apparently, Blue Destiny's Alph Chamra - he's credited in
the novelization as the designer of the RGM-79[G].)

-- Mark

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