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Tomonaga wrote:
> Hence, when the Federation come knocking on his door in 0079, he goes to
> Earth/Luna II for a few months to complete his work and build the MS. It
> makes sense then to take the MS back to Side 7 for fine tuning and final
> testing using his own specialised equipment at his MS facility.
> So I think that in essence most of the preliminary work on Gundam was
> completed at Side 7 but it was actually built at Jaburo or Luna II.

Right right right. This makes a lot of sense. Nice bit of deduction,

I would only suggest that, given Side 7 was so lightly defended (no battle
ships, no Type 61 tanks, only a few self-propelled missile launchers and
AA guns), that whatever facility Tem had before the start of OYW, would be
considered civilian R&D. All sensitive personels (starting with Tem),
equipments and data must have been removed from Side 7 no later than April

Fed's 'big gun big ship' paradigm also support the theory that Tem's
employment before the start of OYW should be purely civilian in nature.

More speculation: Tem's profession was a civilian robotic scientist. He
realized the military potentials of robots long before the Feds, and as
tension built up from 0068 to 0079, he repeatedly plead the Feds to
develop MS in anticipation of Minkovsky warfare. The Feds arrogantly
ignored him, so he used his spare time and his own equipments to develop
military MS (mostly theoretical/simulation work).

0079, the War started, the Fed got his ass kicked. A bunch of Men in
Black show up on Tem's doorstep, pack him up, pajama and all, and send him
to Jaburo to make Gundam. The rest, as they say, is anime history.

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