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Rodrick Su wrote:
> Prior to that, it was just another advance weapons research lab operated by
> the Federation.

Mark sayz:
UC 0079.08 - The Federal Forces begin final testing of the Gundam at Side
7. Development of the NT-1 begins at the Augusta base.

That's before the completion of RX-78. If they were making an "advance
weapons" variant of RX-78, why call it NT-1?

> I had a feeling that Dr. Flanagan's Newtype reasearch was already well
> underway even prior to OYW. Remember the cloning project that rears it's

OK, I can buy that. When was the first NT (Lalah? Chalia?) confirmed as
an NT?

> As for the theory... Consider Hitler's Aryan superman proclaimation in the
> '30s. How many of the Allies grunts would have bought the idea that the
> enemy are made up of superman? In the similiar token, it is highly likely

Actually Hitler's rhetorics was very popular in England, France and the
USA, upto and including the invasion of Poland in 1937. For most people,
they didn't equate Nazism with evil until the invasion of France. (heck
there are still a lot of Nazi sympathizers lurking around in N. America

> that Federation has been supressing the ideas of Zeon Daikun ever since he
> first advocate his political ideas and theories. The fact that we went on
> to found a break away independant nation is also a good reason to supress
> his work. Someone @ General Reville is probably well aware of Zeon Daikun's
> work. And it wasn't until the advent of the pilots that seemed to fulfilled
> Zeon's prediction that they took it seriously.

The difficulty with the Feds is that as time goes on, Daikun's theory seem
to have been proven right. Living in space did turn a few gifted
individuals into NTs with clear demonstratable capability. As for White
Supremacsism, let's just say it seems more shaky now than in the 30s :)

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