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> I remember the flashback with Amuro and his Dad Tem leaving for the
>colonies. I'm guessing Tem and his wife settled on Earth (prolly for
the Star
>One project) - and then Tem took Amuro with him for "final testing" on
side 7
>- work the bugs out and such.

  But Amuro's really young in the flashback. It's surely more than a year
and a half ago, so Amuro and his dad went to Side 7 even before it was
opened for civilian habitation (in May, UC 0078).

  Since Tem Ray says he wants to make a man of Amuro by showing him a
colony being built, their departure could have been as far back as
December, UC 0070 (when Luna Two was relocated to begin construction of
Side 7). This means that Amuro could have been as young as 7 at the time
(and in the flashback, he indeed looks like a Yaz-style 6-to-8-year-old).
If so, he would have spent half his life in an under-construction colony
with virtually no other kids to interact with... no wonder he's so antisocial!

  Since the RX project only began in March of 0078, and didn't kick into
high gear until April of 0079, Tem and Amuro would have been living at
Side 7 for many years before the project was launched. At this point, Tem
could have started making extended business trips to Earth, eventually
returning to Side 7 to supervise the final field tests...

  I see CT Chin has reached a similar conclusion. I'm not sure how long
Tem has been away when the series starts - I think Amuro says his dad
went to Earth just a week ago - but he might have made longer visits to
Earth earlier in the development process, then spent more time at Side 7
when the prototypes were being tested there.

-- Mark

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