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CT Chin writes,

>Isn't it
>incredible that this question hadn't been settled when Tomino wrote the

  I guess he didn't expect people to still be puzzling over it 20 years
later. :-)

>That's great research on your part. BTW where did you find the series
>proposal? Gundam Archive?

  You know, I actually never picked up Gundam Archive because I have
almost all that material in other books already. The series proposal I
have in at least four places already, including the TV series Memorial Box...

>Hmm, it's a matter of personal taste, but I wouldn't use 0080 and 08MST,
>even Zeta to infer facts about 0079.

  Ah, but when there's an ambiguity like this to be resolved, every bit
of evidence that could help us decide is useful.

>> have the full details of these improvements. While waiting to get its mitts
>> on the upgraded versions, it was forced to use the inferior early models as
>> templates for mass production.
>(You are talking about the Gundam Ground Type here? Or the GM? I've
>always assumed that the Jaburo GM benefited from the RX-78-2 flight data.

  Certainly the RX-79 and the early-model GMs would be based on the first
version of the RX-78, but even the standard GM's hardware is presumably
based on it. However, the mass-produced version of the GM at least
benefits from a software upgrade using the Side 7 data.

>1. If a Musai and four Zakus (on their way home from a tough battle) can
>enter the colony unopposed and generally wreck havoc and force the WB to
>abandon the base, it can't be a top secret R&D base.

  It would seem like a risky gambit, to say the least. But even Luna Two
is pretty lightly defended in the TV series...

>2. Luna 2 is a strong candidate, but the way Wakkein talked and acted
>seems to suggest he has no understanding or even interest in Gundam, apart
>from the fact that the WB and the RX's were "Federal military materials".

  But then again, why should he care? Most Federation officers are
old-school "big ships with big guns" types. And given Wakkein's low
status (even White Base Captain Paolo can pull rank on him), he's
probably inclined to play it strictly by the book and justify his actions
by saying he was only following orders.

>3. Despite what the MG GM manual said, I believed the main part of the Op
>Star One units (GMs and ships) were launched from Jaburo, in fact I am
>ready to believe that all the Fed MS's (including GM, NT1, and the 08MST
>variants) were developed and made on Earth.

  It's usually claimed (at least back to the MSV days) that Luna Two also
had its own production lines, but nonetheless everyone agrees that the
lion's share of GMs were made at Jaburo. (The Ball, on the other hand,
was presumably made at Luna Two - why would they have hundreds of spare
space pods on Earth?)

-- Mark

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