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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> 2112 wrote:
> > I remember the flashback with Amuro and his Dad Tem leaving for the
> > colonies. I'm guessing Tem and his wife settled on Earth (prolly for
> > the Star One project) - and then Tem took Amuro with him for "final
> > testing" on side 7 - work the bugs out and such. That would work
> > well, since i'm sure they left plenty of spare parts and data on the
> > Gundam Project, so feds could slap the 79G units together.
> Yeah but that flash back was from years ago, long before the RX project
> started. I got the impression that on Sep 18, 0079 (episode 1) Tem had
> been away from Amuro for more than a few months. Hey how about this
> theory:
> Tem took Amuro away to live in space (Kamaria stayed on Earth). Tem and
> Amuro were living together in Side 7 until Tem went to Jaburo in April
> 0079 to start the RX project. So Tem had been away from Amuro for over 5
> months when they met in ep.1. Even then, he's more concerned with the
> RX's than with Amuro (or anybody else), that's why Amuro was so pissed at
> him.
> So there, Gundam couldn't have been made in the Side 7 colony. Luna 2,
> maybe. Jaburo is my bet.

It seems amazing that the Zeons took years to develop MS to the point of Zaku
II, and Tem Ray managed to build a better MS from scratch in three months.

Tem Ray is obviously a very talented engineer who is very dedicated to his
work. A very valuable person to have around on Earth and it is clear that he
was from Earth. So why would a person like this move to Side 7? The answer I
guess, is his work.

Looking at it from a practical point of view, in order for Tem Ray to develop
Gundam in such a short time, he must have spent years before Operation V,
working on independently developing MS technology. (Some of which must
require low gravity environment to develop). We know he moved to Side 7
years before the war so there must be some kind of a MS facility there where
the very early work on the Gundam was done. He could have been funded by the
Federation but this is unlikely since they didn't have much faith in MS in
the beginning and if he was, he probably would have worked at an existing
Federation facility elsewhere. So he must have had private backers or
financed the work himself. Which suggest to me that the facilities are well
equipped but small in scale. i.e it's not big enough to actually produce a
number of MS in a short period of time.

Hence, when the Federation come knocking on his door in 0079, he goes to
Earth/Luna II for a few months to complete his work and build the MS. It
makes sense then to take the MS back to Side 7 for fine tuning and final
testing using his own specialised equipment at his MS facility.

So I think that in essence most of the preliminary work on Gundam was
completed at Side 7 but it was actually built at Jaburo or Luna II.

Given the Federation's situation, I would expect soon-to-be MS pilots to be
working and training closely with soon-to-be built MS, and following CT
Chin's reasoning, I would have to agree that Jaburo is the most likely place.


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