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Paul Fields wrote:
> more than ten years no one knew of his theory
> outside of Side 3 or so it seems since only the
> Zeons, and General Revil talked about it during
> the series. Char knew, and Salya knew, Revil
> knew because he was captured, but how many
> Federation people knew about this theory?

I think that's slightly wrong. I think most Earthlings and Spacenoids
knew about the theory but regarded it like the UFO theory or the Big Foot,
i.e. some really believed in it, most people were waiting for evidence.

Of course Earthlings tended to sneer at the Newtype theory more than Side
3 residents, because it lends (powerful) justification for complete
migration to space. But even the Zeon military were privately
un-convinced of Newtypes. Only Krishnia invested any time and money in
Newtypes (Flanagan's Agency?), but she's the second lowest in the Zabi
family (I think it goes like: Giren and Degin, Dozul, Krishnia and Garma)
Giren certainly regarded Krishnia's NT project with some contempt.

During and after the OYW, the Feds aggressive discredited the contribution
of Newtypes such as Amuro and Mirai, even house-arresting Amuro despite
his near-strategic value. As far as the Feds were concerned, Newtypes are
hocus pocus, even as they are winning battles for the Feds.

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