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>Hmm, being #1 doesn't tell me much, isn't DBZ and Sailor Moon in re-run?
>People looking for something new are sure to flock to GW instead. A
>comparison of ratings performance against other shows being broadcast on
>other channels would have been more indicative of how successful GW really

True, and I wouldn't be surprised if the announcement was carefully worded
to over-emphasize the success of GW. On the other hand, dominating the
ratings of the biggest anime channel in the U.S. is pretty much
unprecedented for a Gundam series.

DBZ episodes were syndicated as far back as ten years go, and have
gradually earned a cult following among teens in the U.S. Similarly, Sailor
Moon has had several years to build up a following, carrying it from
syndication, to the USA network, to the Cartoon Network. Gundam hasn't been
aired in the U.S. before, and while American anime fans are familiar with
the franchise, there are still many who've never seen anything of the
original Wing episodes (myself included), or even Zeta or ZZ. Even Robotech
and Voltron took a matter of months to catch on when they originally aired.

So, no, I don't think GW is beating Pokemon or Law & Order yet, but give it
time, it's only been on one week.


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