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> > Yes, there is going to be a US release of new Gundam Wing toys.
> > Quite spiffy looking, actually.
> > I shall add them all to my collection ... sadly my shelves are presently
> > stocked with transformers ... gonna need a gundam shelf, methings.
> I want these toys, too. I also want one of those new Car transformers from
> Transformers 2000. I have always wanted a good articulated car
> ever since I was a kid. The Lamburgini cop car is the one I like best. I
> think that new Fire Convoy is really spiffy, too.

I hate to take us too far off topic here, but a few things:
1. The line is called Transformers: Car Robots (apparently that sounds
in japanese ;p) not Transformers: 2000. That was a proposed name for the TV
series that goes along with it, but they decided to go with TF:CR to reduce
2. The toys rock. Go check out There have been a
of reviews of Fire Convoy and yes, he's a big frickin' robot, with
posability to boot.
Too damned many people are keeping the deluxe autobot cars in their
though, since Takara finally went with non-resealable cards instead of the
they've always used, even for the smallest transformers. As a result, i
haven't seen
any reviews yet.
3. They're re-releasing some classic G1 toys ... including, the original
Optimus Prime,
reproduced exactly as he was in 1984. The G2 Laser Optimus Prime, given a
black color scheme (Black Battle Convoy, i believe he's called), a recolor
of the gestalt
team Combaticons, and wait for it ... Fortress Maximus. Yes, the same toy
thats commanding
$1000-2000 on eBay right now will soon be available MISB for about

There you go, your transformers information for the day :P

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