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>Hello all, when did Zeon Daikun postulate the
>Newtype theory? I have this little question for
>one simple reason, Zeon died in 0068, yet for
>more than ten years no one knew of his theory
>outside of Side 3 or so it seems since only the
>Zeons, and General Revil talked about it during
>the series. Char knew, and Salya knew, Revil
>knew because he was captured, but how many
>Federation people knew about this theory?

The Newtype theory seems to have been quite well known, although not very
well understood, in that people were familiar with the term "Newtype" but
were hazy as to what exactly it meant. Zeon Zum Daikun seems to have
espoused it as part of his philosophy of Contolism, which he began
propagating circa UC 0052. He is said to have moved to Side 3 because of
this belief, which was a synthesis of two already prevalent views, Ere-ism
(the philosophy that the Earth is sacred and that humanity should leave it
in peace) and Side-ism (the belief the Sides should be treated as sovereign

Daikun stated that humanity was on the verge of becoming the Newtype and
that the very act of migrating into space would (had, in fact, already)
bring about the manifestation of the Newtype. It was Daikun's teachings
that established the notion of the Newtype as being the next step in human
evolution. Just as the higher forms of life evolved from creatures who
left the sea to colonize the land, so the Newtype would evolve as humanity
left the Earth to colonize space.

Gihren Zabi later used Daikun's teachings as the foundation of his "Master
Race" Theory (the Earth belongs to those who proved their superiority by
going into space) in much the same way that Hitler based his own
"Ubermensch" Theory on the teachings of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

Contolism was the guiding principal of the Space Colony Republic founded in
Side 3 in UC 0058, so it would've been general public knowledge by the time
of the One Year War, 20 years later.


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