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> Hey, Mark, Gundam Project sayz NT-1 project started in August in Augusta
> (ha ha). How come the Feds started a Newtype project before there was
> even a single documented case of a fresh and blood Newtype?

Augusta lab was re-consolidate into an Newtype research lab after OYW.
Prior to that, it was just another advance weapons research lab operated by
the Federation.

> The establishment of Flanagan Agency in June was sensible, because (1)
> Zeons believes in NT, (2) the agency exists initially to search for (and
> manufacture?) NT. But developing a speacial weapon for a hiterto
> nonexistent being is rather jumping the gun isn't it?

I had a feeling that Dr. Flanagan's Newtype reasearch was already well
underway even prior to OYW. Remember the cloning project that rears it's
ugly head towards the end of ZZ? The Flanagan Agency was probably formed to
consolidate all of the different Newtype research that Zeon was funding
under one roof. They already had their candidate for the testing of the

> I've always assumed that NT-1 project was started some time after the Feds
> had a good look at Amuro and the flight data from RX-78-2 (around
> November?). I.e. NT-1 was snapped together within a few weeks, i.e. NT-1
> was marginally (if at all) improved from the magnetically coated
> RX-78-2/3. But if NT-1 was started in August, it could be a totally
> different beast from RX-78. (then it shouldn't have the model number
> RX-78-NT-1)

Spare parts shipped from elsewhere to a secure location not known to the
enemy. Augusta is probably the only facility on Earth not on the fast track
to make GMs, thus has the capacility to put it together.

As for the theory... Consider Hitler's Aryan superman proclaimation in the
'30s. How many of the Allies grunts would have bought the idea that the
enemy are made up of superman? In the similiar token, it is highly likely
that Federation has been supressing the ideas of Zeon Daikun ever since he
first advocate his political ideas and theories. The fact that we went on
to found a break away independant nation is also a good reason to supress
his work. Someone @ General Reville is probably well aware of Zeon Daikun's
work. And it wasn't until the advent of the pilots that seemed to fulfilled
Zeon's prediction that they took it seriously.

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