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Hey, Mark, Gundam Project sayz NT-1 project started in August in Augusta
(ha ha). How come the Feds started a Newtype project before there was
even a single documented case of a fresh and blood Newtype?

The establishment of Flanagan Agency in June was sensible, because (1)
Zeons believes in NT, (2) the agency exists initially to search for (and
manufacture?) NT. But developing a speacial weapon for a hiterto
nonexistent being is rather jumping the gun isn't it?

I've always assumed that NT-1 project was started some time after the Feds
had a good look at Amuro and the flight data from RX-78-2 (around
November?). I.e. NT-1 was snapped together within a few weeks, i.e. NT-1
was marginally (if at all) improved from the magnetically coated
RX-78-2/3. But if NT-1 was started in August, it could be a totally
different beast from RX-78. (then it shouldn't have the model number

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