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2112 wrote:
> I remember the flashback with Amuro and his Dad Tem leaving for the
> colonies. I'm guessing Tem and his wife settled on Earth (prolly for
> the Star One project) - and then Tem took Amuro with him for "final
> testing" on side 7 - work the bugs out and such. That would work
> well, since i'm sure they left plenty of spare parts and data on the
> Gundam Project, so feds could slap the 79G units together.

Yeah but that flash back was from years ago, long before the RX project
started. I got the impression that on Sep 18, 0079 (episode 1) Tem had
been away from Amuro for more than a few months. Hey how about this

Tem took Amuro away to live in space (Kamaria stayed on Earth). Tem and
Amuro were living together in Side 7 until Tem went to Jaburo in April
0079 to start the RX project. So Tem had been away from Amuro for over 5
months when they met in ep.1. Even then, he's more concerned with the
RX's than with Amuro (or anybody else), that's why Amuro was so pissed at

So there, Gundam couldn't have been made in the Side 7 colony. Luna 2,
maybe. Jaburo is my bet.

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