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>> at Jaburo. How else could they have enough spare parts left over to
>> 20 RX-79[G] units? It's hard to believe that they could have shipped that
>3. Despite what the MG GM manual said, I believed the main part of the Op
>Star One units (GMs and ships) were launched from Jaburo, in fact I am
>ready to believe that all the Fed MS's (including GM, NT1, and the 08MST
>variants) were developed and made on Earth. At any rate, if Jaburo didn't
>manufacture all the GMs, it at least made most of them. It just seems
>more sensible that the RX's were developed on Earth too. If the Feds were
>choosing a top secret R&D site, won't they be choosing to do it at the
>most secure, the most well hidden base within the Earth orbits?

  I remember the flashback with Amuro and his Dad Tem leaving for the
colonies. I'm guessing Tem and his wife settled on Earth (prolly for the Star
One project) - and then Tem took Amuro with him for "final testing" on side 7
- work the bugs out and such. That would work well, since i'm sure they left
plenty of spare parts and data on the Gundam Project, so feds could slap the
79G units together.

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