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> Hello all, when did Zeon Daikun postulate the
> Newtype theory? I have this little question for
> one simple reason, Zeon died in 0068, yet for
> more than ten years no one knew of his theory
> outside of Side 3 or so it seems since only the
> Zeons, and General Revil talked about it during
> the series. Char knew, and Salya knew, Revil
> knew because he was captured, but how many
> Federation people knew about this theory?

maybe becuase it's a theory that other people just brush it off as
imagination or rumor. just like the theory of evolution, a lot of people
know about it, but how many actually believe its true? then there are those
waiting for the proof, and there are those who outright just don't believe
it. and also you have to take into account how highly publicized it is or
not since Zeon Daikun lived in Side 3, did the word get out to other
colonies and how many people actually listened?

I haven't seen the series, only the movies.

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