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Mark Simmons wrote:
> and the Newtype Asylum inmates...

Geez, Mark, you just have to expose my ignorance, don't you?

> Where were the RX-78 Gundam and the other Operation V prototypes made?

Ah, you toss these biggies out and no one bites anymore... Isn't it
incredible that this question hadn't been settled when Tomino wrote the
story? He planned everything else out so carefully (Battle of Ruum,
capture of Revil etc)... Who has Tomino's email address?

> After scrutinizing the early episodes and Tomino's series proposal, I can't
> find any evidence either way.

That's great research on your part. BTW where did you find the series
proposal? Gundam Archive?

> at Jaburo. How else could they have enough spare parts left over to assemble
> 20 RX-79[G] units? It's hard to believe that they could have shipped that

Hmm, it's a matter of personal taste, but I wouldn't use 0080 and 08MST,
even Zeta to infer facts about 0079.

> have the full details of these improvements. While waiting to get its mitts
> on the upgraded versions, it was forced to use the inferior early models as
> templates for mass production.

(You are talking about the Gundam Ground Type here? Or the GM? I've
always assumed that the Jaburo GM benefited from the RX-78-2 flight data.
If not, then the whole adventure of Noah and Amuro is even less
important then I thought... )

I also lean towards the Jaburo hypothesis, but I want to focus only on the
0079 TV/movie evidence. Partly because I don't completely trust the hack
writers at Bandai and Shindosha, mostly because I don't own any on-print
reference material :P

1. If a Musai and four Zakus (on their way home from a tough battle) can
enter the colony unopposed and generally wreck havoc and force the WB to
abandon the base, it can't be a top secret R&D base. I don't care how
incompentent the Feds are, even an idiot would setup a better defense
around a permanent R&D base. The only way Ep.1 panned out the way it did
was that the RX's were in the colony for a very brief testing stint. And
the Feds gambled that a no-hoopla secretive approach would be the best

2. Luna 2 is a strong candidate, but the way Wakkein talked and acted
seems to suggest he has no understanding or even interest in Gundam, apart
from the fact that the WB and the RX's were "Federal military materials".
He certainly had no MS pilots to take over from the civilian kids.

3. Despite what the MG GM manual said, I believed the main part of the Op
Star One units (GMs and ships) were launched from Jaburo, in fact I am
ready to believe that all the Fed MS's (including GM, NT1, and the 08MST
variants) were developed and made on Earth. At any rate, if Jaburo didn't
manufacture all the GMs, it at least made most of them. It just seems
more sensible that the RX's were developed on Earth too. If the Feds were
choosing a top secret R&D site, won't they be choosing to do it at the
most secure, the most well hidden base within the Earth orbits?

At present, there's insufficient hard evidence to prove one or the other,
it's just that Jaburo hypothesis makes a little more sense to me.
Unfortunately, the Luna 2/Side 7 hypothesis, being promoted by the more
recent documents (MG/PG manuals) will probably prevail in the future
publications, which will probably lead to more serious violations of

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