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Nightingale writes,

> I tend to agree this line of thought as the most
> logical answer, at least for RX-78s. Besides MSV and
> Gundam Century, G20 is another respectable Gundam
> mags/reference that echoed the same sentiment

  True, though in this case they're just echoing the MSV material. (The MSV
Prototype Gundam kit manual was the first place where the different RX-78
color schemes were discussed.)

> Another interesting note is from p.14 of Vol.3, which is an
> art page created by G20's crew to show the staff IDs of
> various UC Gundam designers and technicans. Although
> it's information being shown should not be considered
> 100% canonical, it's nevertheless interesting to see
> Tem Ray's (RX-78's chief designer) ID listed him based
> in Jaburo, and Mosk Han (who pioneered the magnetic
> coating technique) was based in Luna Two.

  Yeah, I'd also figured that Mosk Han must have been stationed at Luna Two.
After all, the first testbed for his magnet coating technology was the
reconstructed G-3 Gundam, which was left at Luna Two. If Luna Two also
performed the version 2 upgrades on the Gundam and Guncannon prototypes,
then it's likely that Mosk Han was involved in this process as well - in
which case, after Tem Ray's disappearance, he's probably one of the
Federation's top experts on the RX project.

  For that matter, if the Gundam and Guncannon had to be shipped out to Luna
Two in order to be adapted for the beam rifle, then maybe this is also where
the beam rifle was developed in the first place. Might explain why none of
the ground forces get beam rifles until November 0079 (a month after The
08th MS Team starts)...

-- Mark

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