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Mark wrote:
> let me outline for you a vexing question I've been
> puzzling over for the last few days. (snip) Where
> were the RX-78 Gundam and the other Operation V
> prototypes made? Were they developed at Jaburo,
> and then shipped out to Side 7 for final tests, or
> created from scratch at Side 7?
> (big snip)
> After scrutinizing the early episodes and Tomino's
> series proposal, I can't find any evidence either
> way. (I note that the series proposal characterizes
> Side 7 only as the place where the final tests are
> being conducted, not as the development site.)
> On balance, I'm inclined towards the classic
> that they were created at Jaburo. How else could
> have enough spare parts left over to assemble
> 20 RX-79[G] units? It's hard to believe that they
> could have shipped that many spare parts back to
> Jaburo from Side 7. The Jaburo theory also leaves a
> few extra Gundams on hand for conversion into the
> Alex and assorted Full Armor Types.

   I tend to agree this line of thought as the most
logical answer, at least for RX-78s. Besides MSV and
Gundam Century, G20 is another respectable Gundam
mags/reference that echoed the same sentiment, which
is evidenced by RX-78's colouring and marking
collection pages (27-28; 45-46) in G20's Vol.1;
Another interesting note is from p.14 of Vol.3, which
is an
art page created by G20's crew to show the staff IDs
various UC Gundam designers and technicans. Although
it's information being shown should not be considered
100% canonical, it's nevertheless interesting to see
Tem Ray's (RX-78's chief designer) ID listed him based
in Jaburo, and Mosk Han (who pioneered the magnetic
coating technique) was based in Luna Two. So It's
logical that the first Gundam test types were first
designed and created in Jaburo, then being fine tuned
in Luna Two before testing them in Side 7, when 0079's
story began...


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