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Tue, 21 Mar 2000 12:13:51 -0800 (PST)

OK, I will take the hint. I will try and have a scan of that too
tonight. It remind me a lot of the new Giant Robo. In fact, Dave So
(lurky) bought the HJ just because of that picture, and is in the
process of whipping up his own!!
As for the GS, I know that it's primary use is in space, but wha'sup w/
them skinny legs!
At the time of he design, it lookas as if they took piees of the most
popular Gundams of the time ad did a frankystein on it. If you look
very closely, you will see the bolts on his neck... Really, hey are
there, just look REAL close:P
If it weren't for the skinny legs, it would have gotten my ok.
Oh Well, can't do a thing unless we are asked to design it...........
Hum, that gives me an crazy idea...
What if I put up a page for everyone's own Gundam design? (Just opened
a can of worms.)

--- Chien Ting Chin <> wrote:
<Major snip>
> Another truly great Gundam innovation was a kit bash I saw in HJ a
> few
> months back. This guy mixed a PG, an MG, Ez8, and Gundam Ground Type
> kits
> (and others) together. I think it used a 1/60 chest, with a 1/144
> head,
> 1/60 feet, 1/100 legs, 1/60 hands and 1/100 arms... something like
> that.
> Sounds crazy? It is! The trick was that s/he glued about 1000 bits
> of
> surface details on the whole thing, it looks really like a
> colony-scale
> robot. Very evocative of the artist who used to paint
> kilometer-scale
> robots/structures for Issac Asimov book covers. Two robots that mess
> with
> proportions, G-Saviour did it wrong, the Mixed Scale Gundam did it
> right.
> Pure fantasy, this thing makes SDF-1 looks practical by comparison,
> but I
> love it. I wish someone had scanned that and put it on the net.


Gus Jae

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