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CT Chin writes,

> Well, I hated Turn-A's first painting (and I still do), then I hated
> Turn-A's face (and I still do).

  For me, the Turn A is another reminder that you can't judge mecha design
out of context. A professional mecha designer creates things that are
suitable to the story and how they'll be used therein; for example, the
Master Gundam is much nicer to look at than the Kowloon Gundam, but the
latter feels much more appropriate within the G Gundam story.

  In the case of Turn A, I don't really care much for the design in and of
itself, but in watching the episodes it's hard to imagine how they could
have improved on it - it seems so perfectly suited for the kind of story
they're trying to tell. (Ditto Okawara's teensy Wadds.) Still, this doesn't
motivate me to buy the models and toys, and when I see it standing in a
store display it still looks ugly to me.

  Thus, I don't dare pass judgement on the G-Saviour until I've seen it in
action. It looks like a robot ostrich in Hobby Japan, but maybe it'll look
great in the actual show.

> Of course these are all personal taste. I look for truly new ideas, which
> is very subjective. Here are some truly innovative designs after 0079:
> Quebley, Flat, Waldom, Wadd. (hmm so I guess I am a Mead fan after
> all...)

  Well, the Wadd's an Okawara design... I think the Mead vibe rubbed off on
him. (Ditto Junya Ishigaki, whose Cannon Irfute seems rather

-- Mark

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